Comin' Back...

Did you know the term blog comes from splitting the word "weblog" to make "we blog", shortened to today's common use of the word blog? One of the trivial things I've learned while working on this website stuff..

Anyway, this would be my first "blog", and it is really just to say I am almost finished recording my debut album - Comin' Back - with James Stephens at his funky Chelsea studios. We've had some great musicians play on the record, so stay tuned for more on that, and the pending release. Mixing will be begin in mid-May, and it should all be ready to press by early June.

And please mark your calendars for Saturday July 9th, when I'll be releasing the album, well CD, at the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield. We'll have a great band on stage, so it should be a fun night.

In the meantime, check out the two demo tracks - Different Shore and Comin' Back - on the Music tab of the site. Two songs that cover the musical spectrum of the record.