You gotta love Wakefield...

Hi there,

Thanks to all of the folks who showed up at Kaffe 1870 for the Saturday night gig - we played, we sang, and some danced; and we rang in the Year of the Rooster too!

The band was…Read more

Gonna be a hot night at the Kaffe 1870...

Hi there,

January has setted in around these parts, with the temperature and weather as crazy as can be. Never mind "the" January thaw - one night it's -28, then two days later +3 and raining. But we know about…Read more

Take a Listen...

Hi All,

A short post to let you know you can now take a listen to the full Comin' Back album on the Music page. I've loaded all 10 songs, and if you like 'em and want to purchase a…Read more

Gonna be a busy, fun Fall and Winter...

Hi Again,

Well we're back from Eganville - in the Ottawa Valley as some will know - and had a great evening of music and dancing at the RIO Tap and Grill. Thanks to Chris and George for the hospitality…Read more

Autumn is Nigh, and Eganville is Calling...

Hi there,

Hard to believe fall is just around the corner, but there it is - tomorrow in fact! What beautiful weather we've had, and it keeps on coming. Although it has been a tough year for growing, it has…Read more


Hi there,

It is a month since the CD release, and I have finally surfaced!  It has been a busy month post gig, and I am delinquent in getting this thank you out.

So, many, many thanks to all the…Read more

One Week to Go !!!

It seemed like such a long way off, but now only one week to go to the album release of Comin' Back. I think I'm now more excited than nervous - but I'm still nervous!

The CD's have arrived and…Read more

Comin' Back...

Did you know the term blog comes from splitting the word "weblog" to make "we blog", shortened to today's common use of the word blog? One of the trivial things I've learned while working on this website stuff..

Anyway, this…Read more