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Welcome to Jamie Ferguson's music website! Browse around to find Jamie's upcoming gigs, his latest tunes, a pic or two, and the odd rambling from time to time.

We hope you'll enjoy his music, and if you're visiting the Wakefield area make it a point to peruse the local music venues - he may just have a show on! And if not, you'll surely enjoy the music, food, merriment and company offered by these local establishments. Along with a great view of our wonderful Gatineau River.

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Black Sheep Inn - Here we come... 

Hi there,

I and the Hills Gang are super excited for this Sunday's all ages show at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. With special guest Kelsey Hayes opening up, it promises to be a fun afternoon along the shores of the Gatineau River.

$10 at the door, show starts a wee bit after 4 pm. Bring your walking shoes to enjoy the new boardwalk pre or post show.

And we'll have T-shirts and CD's available too!

Really looking forward to see you there.

Have a great sunny day.


Special Guest announced for May 20th Black Sheep Show... 

Hi there,

I'm happy to let you all know that Ottawa based musician Kelsey Hayes will be our special guest for The Hills Gang Black Sheep show on Sunday May 20th. 

Kelsey is an accomplished singer/songwriter, who has been winning awards and recently announced she'll be performing at RBC BluesFest 2018.

You can check out Kelseys Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/khayesmusic/ for mo' info and music listens. 

Looking forward to seeing you out to catch the show - it's shaping up to be a good one.



Hurray for May 20th - We'll be Live at The Black Sheep Inn! 

Hi there, 

Could it be? Could spring really be nigh? Soon will we see… 

A short note to remind you JF and The Hills Gang will play the Black Sheep Inn on Sunday May 20th, a 4 pm all ages show. Our premiere at this fine establishment!!! 

It surely will be spring by then, and you’ll be able to enjoy a walk on the new Wakefield Boardwalk – could be a song in there eh? 

$10 at the door, or advance tickets from any band member (Dawn, Chris, Jammin or me) and on-line at:


Hope you can join us. 

Take good care, 


Shadows and news 

Hi there,

Looks like our rabbit, along with Wyerton Willie and his pals saw a shadow this morning. Must be a sunny day then...and winter?

This current weather holds me almost breathless, wondering what will happen next. My memory of being a kid never included rain, just frozen legs and toes from sliding and skating all day.

Checking in to let you know of a couple of shows coming up. The first at The South Branch Bistro in Kemptville on March 9th. Showtime is 9 pm, with no cover. The second, a JF and The Hills Gang debut, is a full on Sunday show at The Black Sheep Inn on May 20th, with showtime 4pm and tics $10. Very excited about both shows, and especially looking forward to a Sunday spring afternoon show in Wakefield. Have a look at my Shows page to get the details.

Hope to see you out there...have a good Groundhog Day...maybe I'll watch that movie again for the hundreth time...

Thanks for reading,



"The Powers Back on - so is The Hills Gang" 

Hi There,

Well the power's back on at the Kaffe after the May 6th blackout, and the flood waters have thankfully receded from the Kaffe. So , we're gonna do our show.

Hope to see you out November 4th, 8 pm....

Lights, sound, action...


Summer is Fall 

Hi there,

What amazing weather we've been having - I call it Summer as Fall. I am deeply influenced by the seasons and the weather - it is how I seem to navigate this life in many ways. The connection to my environment and the land is very strong, and it so often guides my state of being.

It is also a time, as the light slips away each day, we start to cocoon a bit, and take some time to reflect on where we are. And we are reminded of time and how fleeting it can be.

We have a show with the Hills Gang in a bit, inspiring us to renew some of our music, create a bit more, and generally fall into fall.

I hope you enjoy these days. I know I will.



Fireflies and Bistros... 

Hi there,

Have you seen the Firelies out there yet - or the lightning bugs as my wife likes to call them? Must be June on the 45th parallel...

A short note to let you know I'll be playing at The South Branch Bistro in Kemptville on Friday June 23rd. No full band this time, but some gentle harmonies and accompaniment.

No cover - a tip jar - and hope to see you there if you're feeling like a Friday evening out.

Enjoy the luminescence and the sunshine.





Spring Time in the Hills 

Hi there,

It's Easter Sunday, the rain is gently falling on the last vestiges of snow as the meltwater meanders on its path to the mighty Gatineau river. Spring in the hills is a wonderful time, with all being new and possible again as we awake from our respective slumbers.

A time to rejuvenate after a long winter; shedding cobwebs and unwanted fur to join the cacaphony of spring. It seems we get more inspired too at this time of year, as we make our plans for gardens, summer adventures and music and festivals.

Hoping you'll join us on May 6th at 1870 to celebrate the season, enjoy some live music and generally revel in this wonderful place we call home.

See you soon I hope.


Open Stage at Kaffe 1870 

Hi There,

Tonight - Feb 22nd - I have the pleasure and honour of hosting the weekly Open Stage at Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield. It is one of those evenings of music and entertainment that no matter who you are, what you play, or whether you're a novice or a pro at getting on stage, the atmosphere is ALWAYS welcoming. It is a warm and fun evening where everyone - act or patron - belongs to the place and the event going on.

If you've never experienced Open Stage in Wakefield, I encourage you to come on down and play a few tunes, read a poem or story, or listen and have a drink. You won't be disappointed.

Hope to see you there. Things get rolling at 9 pm or so, and there is no cover...

Thanks for reading.


You gotta love Wakefield... 

Hi there,

Thanks to all of the folks who showed up at Kaffe 1870 for the Saturday night gig - we played, we sang, and some danced; and we rang in the Year of the Rooster too!

The band was great - thanks Dawn, Chris, James and Jamie - and the evening vibe was warm and comfortable.

Wakefield is a most wonderful place to play and see music, and you just gotta love the place...

A la prochaine mes amis.


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